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The Unicorn and the Secret (A Sacred Knight companion novella)

The Unicorn and the Secret (A Sacred Knight companion novella)

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What secret would be worth keeping from your best friend?

Martias, a homesick outcast, longs to spend one night feeling at home under the pine trees of his native land. Banishment from his centaur tribe means he can never see any of them again.

Yet, the forest calls to him and makes him wonder how he can dedicate himself to this repetitive daily life of learning and memorizing lines when he feels so excluded. He doesn’t belong with the humans and doesn’t know how to create his own life among them.

After persuading his only friend, a young human knight in training, to run away with him for one night, Martias longs for more than a glimpse of a centaur tribe.

But being bound with a death sentence makes it hard to bring a friend along.

If you like epic, magical fantasy worlds, then you’ll love this enchanting tale.

Author Note: This story is can be read at any time, but will be more impactful either after Quest for the Three Books or at the end of the series. 

72 pages

ISBN-13: ‎979-8569726004

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