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The Missing Thread (Legend 5 of the Sacred Knight series)

The Missing Thread (Legend 5 of the Sacred Knight series)

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Long ago, Alityka said Steigan needed to find out who he was, what he was becoming. But what exactly was that?

At the time, he thought he knew. Now, failure travels at his heels.

As Steigan flees on foot toward Dubinshire, tracking markers on the road lead him to a camp where several people are magic sick. As soon as Keteria’s spell breaks and releases magic, many more will fall ill or die. This is only the beginning.

Worse, domini from New Lilinar march to attack Dubinshire.

With Cirvel free from the trap which held him for so long, how soon before he invades Dubinshire to get into Gohaldinest?

Finding one missing thread promises to complete the person Steigan has been forged into and allow him victory over his foes.

This fifth installment of the Sacred Knight series brings Steigan’s past and present colliding together.

272 pages

ISBN-13: ‎978-0998544151

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