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Tangled Magic

Tangled Magic

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The fate of the world lies in his hands. But is he the redeemer or something far worse?

Rivic is terrified of his power. After accidentally killing his parents when he lost control, Rivic fears another tragic accident. But he’s forced to embrace his magic after he and his twin sister are swallowed by a dragon and reborn into a new realm… only to have her kidnapped by a menacing tyrant.

Discovering the despot can teach him to use his abilities, he accepts the dark ruler’s treacherous tuition. But with his sibling using her visions of the future to serve his black-hearted mentor and a fellow student pressuring him to join a secret coup, Rivic is torn between protecting his loved ones and fighting evil.

Can the young man master his gifts without losing his soul?

Tangled Magic is the first book in the enchanting Onesong epic fantasy series. If you like binge-worthy reads, wondrous adventures, and seductive villains, then you’ll love Dawn Blair’s spellbinding story.

Buy Tangled Magic to cross paths with destiny today!

310 pages

ISBN-13: ‎ 978-0998544137

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