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Quest for the Three Books (Legend 1 of the Sacred Knight series)

Quest for the Three Books (Legend 1 of the Sacred Knight series)

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The quest seemed simple: find three lost books. But will his deeds brand him a traitor?

A knight wishing to prove his worthiness enters the forest to pursue a gang of murderous bandits. Instead, Steigan encounters a lone woman chanting ancient rites. Is she part of the outlaws’ trap to lure in unsuspecting travelers?

He will only discover the truth by stepping into the ring of firelight.

She offers not a ruse, but haunting words which start him on a deeper adventure to track down three magical texts once penned to keep long forgotten evils from awakening.

But the past cloaks many forbidden mysteries, and to find the books, Steigan must betray all he has ever known. 

What will this young man find as he follows in the historical footsteps of a duplicitous namesake who once hid the books to keep them safe?

If you like exciting, non-stop fantasy that keeps you guessing until the end, then you’ll love Dawn Blair’s enchanting epic legend.

To Quest for the Three Books begins the epic fantasy saga of the Sacred Knight series. Join the adventure today!

262 pages

ISBN-13: ‎ 978-1979761567

Audio: 7 hours 38 minutes long

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