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A genie forged into a champion.

As a unique dragon born, Cirvel longs to serve an imagination dragon. But finding their rare kind requires tremendous efforts. Cirvel tracks a man who possesses a map leading to an imagination dragon and traps him in a magical genie lamp only to have that lamp stolen by a beautiful woman.

Treshauna needs the services of a genie to help save a planet from falling to chaos and resorts to common thievery to get it done. Now the Black Night finds herself pursued and captured. Following a steamy night, they realize they might work well together.

But when the world she wants to save is the prime planet of an imagination dragon, Cirvel's loyalties change. Now he must stand as a palladium between this world and chaos, doing whatever it takes to safeguard the planet, regardless of who gets in his way or how long it might take.

If you like sword and sorcery fantasy tales, you'll love this epic magical story.

216 pages

ISBN-13: ‎ 978-0998544199

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