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History of a Dead Man (A Sacred Knight companion novella)

History of a Dead Man (A Sacred Knight companion novella)

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Annae's life changes when she discovers the truth about her father and he becomes a stranger to her.

"To the outside world, we seemed like the perfect family. A mother and father swinging their young daughter between them, all of us smiling and laughing as we headed to Cliff Park in Dubinshire for the Springsday Festival.

My father was a great dominus, a noble swordsman. Until that last battle which had left him crippled, he'd fought in many battles for the Temple, defending the Goddess from naysayers. My mother and I were both so proud of him.

Or I thought we were..

My parents kept careful secrets hidden from the world behind well-chosen lies.

I had the best schooling and was lined up to become a Temple historian. It suited my intellect and penmanship. Little did I know that I had the biggest piece of history right in front of me..."

Saint Steigan's past contains terrible secrets. History remembers him as a thief, conspirator, traitor, and killer.

Now he has manipulated her life to position her in as much danger as he would be in if the world found out he still lived.

Can she overcome her own personal anger to leave the unbiased account of a life that needs to be remembered for a thousand years?

History of a Dead Man chronicles the missing years in the life of Saint Steigan as told by the daughter he raised. Only she knows the true story of a man who had to make hard decisions to carry on a difficult mission and become a champion.

Author Note: This story is meant to be read between To Birth a Destiny (book #3) and Prince of the Ruined Land (book #4). 

80 pages

ISBN-13: ‎978-0998544113

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