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Four Becomes a Foundation

Four Becomes a Foundation

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Jal wants an indoor staircase for her shop. The morning dew makes the one on the exterior of the building slick and she fears she might fall, especially in the coming winter. Being the new jeweler in the town of Bayllor, she hasn't yet gained the trust of enough citizens to be earning a steady income.

But the fortune of her store changes when three men enter and close down her business so they may conduct theirs. Each has a reason for coming to her shop. Where only moments ago, slipping and falling had seemed her only hazard, she now finds her safety in jeopardy. Never did she realize how these three men would change her life. All for a prophecy.

Join as a flash stone breaks into four pieces to foretell the coming of the next Stonecharmer in this prequel short story to the Stonecharmer trilogy.

Page length: 26 pages

ISBN-13: ‎ 979-8831426311

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