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Dragons of Wellsdeep

Dragons of Wellsdeep

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Born a champion. Destined for even more.

Moonhunter’s dragon mother gifted him the last of her magic when she died giving birth to him and left him in the hands of his dragon brother, Balthier, to train.

But when a botched recovery mission leaves Moonhunter and Balthier hiding information from each other, it jeopardizes the next assignment, one that Balthier himself already failed once.

Now Balthier faces the demons of his past and the prospect of Moonhunter leaving him, while Moonhunter no longer has Balthier’s tough protection keeping him from those who want to use Moonhunter’s special powers. Separated, they must both draw deep down on their individual strength reserves to survive this operation. Even dragon born can die.

Welcome to the Wells of the Onesong, where not even sanctuaries are safe and lies held silent can tear even the tightest of dragon brothers apart.

220 pages

ISBN-13: ‎ 978-0998544175

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