To Birth a Destiny

The Three Books

To Birth a Destiny

The Sacred Knight series continues with this third installment. Ensnared by an enchantment, Steigan rides out nightly to fight the demons emerging as a thousand year old spell begins to break. But the primeval creatures aren’t the only ones awakening. After being wounded, Steigan’s quest for a cure to heal his magical aura lands him face to face with The Destroyer of Civilizations. What other secrets does the land of Dubinshire hold? Far too soon, Steigan returns to Lilinar only to find all he once held dear turned askew and crumbling to pieces. Can he save the city he loves from destruction, or will he be too late? How far and at what costs will he go to in order to save the world? He will leave the past drenched in blood…

To Birth a Destiny continues the epic fantasy saga of the Sacred Knight series.

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