Readers demanded the full story. All right, already! Here it is. Just remember, you were warned.

I, Loki, Norse god of mischief, was paroled to earth for a crime I swear I didn’t comment. Of course, who would ever believe me, the Trickster? Odin, the All-Father, has charged me with protecting the humans of Midgard from unfriendly, trans-dimensional beings, as if that were a small task. Humans need more help than I can provide! Fine, I’ll try. Maybe. Just don’t be surprised when I roll my eyes.

Where should I begin? Oh, probably where every good story begins: with a girl. She walked along, her hair the color of a Valkyrie’s and long legs tucked into stylish boots. How could she not attract my attention? But this isn’t some urban fantasy romance novel. No, her guile would lead me to discovering a much larger plot against me. Someone wants me dead.

Now there’s a cause for mischief. Let’s play.

This book combines the first 5 stories in The Loki Adventures for the complete story arc experience. Included are: 1-800-Mischief For Sale, Call Loki For a Good Time, Call Loki For More Information, Call Loki For More Mischief, Call Loki

And the stories keep going, but that’s all you’re going to get in this box set!

If you like quick, fun, and imaginative reads, then you’ll love being entertained by Loki and his adventures.

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