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Sword and Shield (Legend 6 of the Sacred Knight series)

Sword and Shield (Legend 6 of the Sacred Knight series)

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With the fate of the world hinging on the acceptance of his powers, what will Steigan sacrifice to win?

Still recovering from gaining his new magical abilities, Steigan knows he and his friends have precious little time to come up with a plan to defeat their foes. Everything they have tried so far has failed, and now, the Destroyer has begun to claim nearby countries.

Steigan must return to his warrior roots and become the champion needed to save the world..

But when Ithanes stands against him, Steigan once again feels betrayed by a friend.

Can Steigan pull his allies together in time before the vengeful dragon awakens to destroy the world?

Sword and Shield concludes the Sacred Knight series.

298 pages

ISBN-13: ‎979-8985729504

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